Our Frequently Asked Questions

A Skin Test checks to see if you are allergic to the ingredients in the products we use to colour hair. We ask all of our clients to have one and won’t colour their hair without one.

Unfortunately reactions to hair colourants can happen in a very small number of people – a bit like food allergies. Allergic reactions to hair colourants are extremely rare but your wellbeing is our priority which is why we carry out Skin Tests.

We ask our new clients to come in at least 48 hours before their first appointment. 

One of the team will mix up a small amount of colour and apply it with a cotton bud behind one of your ears. You will be asked to keep that area dry for the next 48 hours.

If it is not convenient for you to come in to the salon please email hello@kennedyhair.co.uk with your full name, address and postcode. We will send you a skin test by post.

It’s very unlikely that you will (it is estimated at 0.1% of the population will develop an allergy after hair colourant use*), but if you are concerned speak to your doctor or call the salon for advice. Rinse off with cold water immediately if you do have a reaction.

* Statistics from The Cosmetic, toiletries and Perfumery Association (CPTA)

Then you are good to go, and we will look forward to seeing you for your colour appointment!

Unfortunately, we will need to do another one so we have it on our records.

Absolutely! We invite everyone to come into the salon for a complimentary 15 minute hair consultation before deciding to visit as a client. One of our team will sit down with you to get to know more about you, and your hair, before taking you through their recommendations.

It’s always great to bring in visual references of hair that you really love, and equally hair that you loathe! If you can also think about three words that describe how you want to look – for example – strong/romantic/fierce/soft/sharp/sophisticated/modern – then that really helps us to put together a look for you.

It really depends on what colour you are having. On average our colour appointments take between 2 and three hours, including your cut and finish. During your consultation with your stylist, they should let you know how long your appointment will be – if you have something you have to get to, we advise letting them know so they can ensure you are out the door on time.

Yes we have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

To avoid a 100% cancellation charge, we request a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel or amend your appointment. 

In our experience after about six weeks your hair starts to lose it’s shape, colour can lose its shine and fade and those pesky grey hairs start appearing. We believe that great hair matters and we always want you to look your best and most confident which is why we like to see you every 6-8 weeks. And we’ll miss you too much if you leave it much longer…

All of our stylists are highly competent at what they do. To echo their level of experience though, we charge different prices.

You may notice that our price list says ‘from’, for example, £29. This is because depending on the type of hair you have (length and thickness), and the time it will take to colour, cut and finish it, it may be more than the ‘list price’.

You may think that buying professional hair products is a con and that purchasing a brand from a supermarket or chemist is just as good, but believe us – as hairdressers we see what a game changer professional products are.


Professional products contain more highly concentrated and higher-grade ingredients. This makes them last longer as you need a much smaller amount than non-professional products, and the quality of hair they produce is far superior to their cheaper counterparts.

T&Cs  Click here to read our full terms and conditions regarding cancellations, bookings, deposits and refunds.

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