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Budgeting is key when making any purchase: and never more so than when the purchase is a service required throughout the year to make you look and feel fabulous. You get what you pay for resonates and at Kennedy + Co we are always happy to chat about different options. One regular client recently returned from a bad hair experience elsewhere, it had been booked via a cheap online voucher. We agreed to space out her appointments throughout the year by changing her colour palette and technique meaning she would actually save money – paying more at the time but less frequently. Cheap isn’t always cheerful and I won my client back. We invest a lot in our make up, clothes, social life but sometimes our crowning glory is the last on the list – we expect to pay less and still achieve Pinterest worthy hair.

Experience is priceless and I’ve curated some honest advice from my Team…

  • Don’t leave it longer than eight weeks for a trim. Long hair only looks good when it’s healthy.
  • When clients say they can’t achieve what I do at home it’s because they’re not using the product I used in their blowdry.
  • Buying cheaper products means they’re made of cheaper ingredients.
  • Consult on which service you need. If you book a tint and want to go lighter it’s not likely to happen if there’s previous colour.
  • Bring an image, we love to have something to aim for but we must be realistic with what can be achieved in one visit. See point 6…
  • Kim Kardashian didn’t go from black to blonde without time, money and Olaplex!

Invest in us and we will invest in you.


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