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Kennedy+co Hairdressing Are Calling All Blondes

t’s been 12 months since our first date with Olaplex and it’s safe to say we’re madly in love!

Turning back time to the hair we had in our twenties – and wish we hadn’t tortured quite as much – has never been easier.

We often get asked, Is it just another conditioning treatment? The answer is quite simply, no. Masques and oils offer a temporary fix where the surface of the hair is treated. Olaplex penetrates and repairs the bonds damaged by colour and heated styling.

Our clients are loving the results. From the stand alone treatments with a blowdry, to the brunettes embracing the calls of their inner blonde.

Olaplex IS for everyone. Olaplex is a 3 part system, 1 and 2 is in salon and the 3rd is a take home bottle. Whilst the in salon system works wonders, without No.3, you don’t have that protection between visits. Think of it as applying base coat and colour on your nails without the topcoat…

Listening to what you want, then giving you what you need is our speciality. If you don’t know your ombrés from your sombrés and your balayage from your foilayage then allow us to find your perfect fit. So we’re calling all blondes (and our brunette and redhead sisters who need a little TLC) to take a walk on the tame side!


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